Recognized by Government of Rajasthan. / राजस्थान सरकार द्वारा मान्यता प्राप्त
Reg. No. : RAJ/BFA/BD/2019/M-01/MRO-01
Co. Reg. CIN No : U74999RJ2018PTC062062


SpeedWave Fuel

A eco-friendly, renewable, developed from bio sources a most advanced fuel and a true alternative to diesel which will be very helpful in reducing the Air pollution due to traffic which is a major cause for illness and other environmental issues. SpeedWave Fuel exceeds all fuel expectations by being a biofuel that meets almost the diesel fuel standards

More Mileage:

Its Superior cetane levels delivers quicker engine ignition, more efficient combustion and lower emission levels.

More Power:

With highly efficient combustion, it increases vehicle performance and offers impressive torque, whilst lowering engine noise.

GST Benefit:

Because of GST setoff the sales will increase tremendously and hence benefiting the retailer. Benefit of 12% GST for GST registered customers.

Lower emissions:

With lower CO2 exhaust emissions and lower Sulphur emissions SpeedWave Fuel is helping to reduce pollution.

Low Maintenance:

With quality standards per excellence, it guarantees a longer engine life and better lubrication. No Engine modifications required.

More Economical:

With an unbeatable low price as compared to other premium diesels, it offers a cumulative cost benefit in reduction on transportation cost. It is Priced at 2 lesser than ordinary diesel available in the market.

Advantages Of Biofuel

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